Thinking like a Mathematician

There once lived a man named Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, Marquis of Condorcet (1743–1794). A mathematician and philosopher, his work was mainly focused on advancing social progress towards a more egalitarian society. For instance, he strongly advocated for gender equality as early as in 1787, when he wrote:

El Farol on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Game Theory

“Oh that place. It’s so crowded nobody goes there anymore.” — Yogi Berra

The El Farol Bar Problem, sometimes known as the “Santa Fe Bar problem” (SFBP) is a constrained resource allocation problem for non-cooperating agents defined by economist William Brian Arthur (1945-) in 1994. …

Earlier this week Reuters broke the news that the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee has called on founder Jeff Bezos to testify on

“Allegations that the online retailer uses data from its own third-party sellers to create competing products”

The allegations are, and have been for some time…

Open Problems

The twin prime conjecture states that:

There are infinitely many twin primes

A twin prime is a prime that differs from another prime by two. A set of two primes that differ by two are called a twin prime pair. The first twin prime pairs are:

(3,5), (5,7), (11,13), (17,19)…

Resistance map of E.coli bacteria to 3rd Generation Cephalosporin antibiotics around the world (CDDEP, 2020)

As of the writing of this article, 6,820 have died of corona infections in Italy alone. That number rose by 743 yesterday, and is expected to continue to rise as the Italian health care system struggles to keep up with new critical patients among its close to 70,000 confirmed cases…

Left: Richard Feynman at 41 years old, from his Cornell Lectures in 1959. Right: Richard Feynman 27 years later at his office at the California Institute of Technology in 1986, aged 68 (Photos: Wikimedia Commons)

The Feynman Essays

“We have a different kind of awareness about what might happen than we have of what probably has happened”

In physicist Richard P. Feynman’s fifth lecture at Cornell University in 1959 he entertained for a moment the question of ‘what distinguishes the future from the past?’. …

Left: Claude Shannon (1916–2001). Right: Shannon’s notable 1949 paper “Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems” in Bell System Technical Journal 28(4) pp. 656–715.


A Shannon cipher, invented by its namesake Claude Shannon (1916–2001) is a simplified cipher mechanism for encrypting a message using a shared secret key. A cipher is generally defined simply as an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption, i.e.

The Feynman Essays

“I would like to make a number of remarks on the relation of mathematics and physics”

During Richard Feynman’s Messenger Lecture Series on “The Relation of Mathematics & Physics” held at Cornell University in 1965, “The Great Explainer” addressed what he found to be the key differences between mathematics and…

The Feynman Essays

In a lecture held by Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman (1918–1988) on September 26th, 1985, the question of artificial general intelligence (also known as “strong-AI”) comes up.

Audience Question

Do you think there will ever be a machine that will think like human beings and be more intelligent than human beings?

Below is…

Thinking Like a Mathematician

In the context of economics and game theory, envy-freeness is a criterion of fair division where every person feels that in the division of some resource, their share is at least as good as the share of any other person — thus they feel no envy. …

Jørgen Veisdal

Author of Privatdozent. Editor-in-Chief at Cantor’s Paradise. Associate professor.

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